When trying to make your essay longer, it is crucial to remember that more words are not necessarily better. In addition to incorporating transitional phrases, you can also include quotes. You can also make a point of increasing the size of the periods and commas. However, you should not go overboard. Make sure you focus on giving your readers genuine value. It will make your essay seem more credible. You can also always turn to to help you write any paper. Here are some simple tips on how to make your essay longer.

Transitional Phrases

To extend your essay, add transitional words and phrases. These phrases signal readers that a new point will be discussed or explained in the next paragraph. Use transitional words and phrases at the beginning and end of each paragraph to draw the reader from one section of the essay to the next. It also helps you focus on one main idea per paragraph. Listed below are some ways to use transitional words and phrases to make your essay longer.

Transition words and phrases connect ideas and help the reader understand your point more clearly. Use a list of transitional words and phrases to replace the exact words and phrases that repeatedly appear in your essay. It will help you vary your writing and improve the communication of ideas. To use transitional words and phrases effectively, read each paragraph and ask yourself, “How does this information connect?”

Adding Quotes

Adding quotes can strengthen your essay and save you time when writing. Make sure to cite the sections properly. Use quotation marks around them. You can also use your writing to comment on the quotation. Here are some ways to use quotes in your essay. Use them sparingly to make your essay longer. Below are some examples of how you can use quotes in your essay. Listed below are some of the benefits of using quotes in your essay.

Adding Examples

Examples are great for helping your reader relate to your essay. Use examples from personal experience or credible sources. Be sure to include citations for sources used. You can also include detailed descriptions, sensory details, and imagery. To make your essay longer, have transitional phrases. These phrases signal to your reader that a new point is about to be tackled. You can also use transitional words at the end of your essay to show that you’ve concluded a previous issue.

Increasing the Size of Periods

If you want to make your essay appear longer, you can increase the font size of the periods. To make the periods larger:

  1. Click the paragraph and change the font size to 12.3, 12.5, or 12.5 pt. You can also change the line spacing for your essay.
  2. Replace all the periods with a larger font to make it look longer. You can do this in both Word and Google Docs.

If you can’t change the font size, try changing the period size in Google docs. You can change the size of your period as often as 30 times a month. It is a great way to change the font size. In the end, your essay will appear more prominent and more attractive. It will also look better on your computer. There are other ways to increase the size of your period.

Increasing the Size of Commas

Having page limits on your papers is a common problem for students. While it is possible to cut your paper to fit within the page limit, it is harder to stretch a text when the topic and information don’t allow for that. Therefore, many students wonder how to make essay longer. The solution lies in increasing the size of commas. This simple trick will make your essay longer without changing the paper’s overall structure.

If your professor asks you to use 12 point font, you can increase the size of your commas and periods by a fraction of a point. It won’t make a large difference in one line, but it will add up to several more lines of text. When you have a 500-word text, this small change will add up to a significant amount. Using this technique will make your essay look longer and more professional.

Adding Specificity to Names

Adding specificity to names is essential to creating a more convincing essay. Overgeneralizing can be a considerable problem when writing grant proposals, and adding specificity to characters can help you avoid this problem. Give specific examples in each paragraph to help your readers understand your points. Make sure your examples are clear and forceful, too. In addition, they should be specific to a person or thing. It will make your essay longer and more enjoyable.

Adding Specificity to Numbers

Adding specificity to numbers can help you explain something that isn’t commonly known or highlight a concept. In addition to being an effective way to make your essay longer, statistics can also help you to persuade your readers. Make sure you use statistics that add value to your article and are easy for readers to interpret. However, avoiding contractions and jargon when writing academic papers is important.

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